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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, warm, clean, healthy, and challenging environment where high expectations promote the active involvement of children, parents staff, and the community.

Staff Responsibility:

Staff will...

  • Work with parents to help children to succeed in school and later in life
  • Promote children's self-esteem and problem-solving skills
  • Carefully plan age-appropriate instructional activities to support children with different learning abilities.

Parents Responsibility:

Parents will work collaboratively with staff to provide the best preschool learning experiences for their children by...

  • Bringing their children to school every day
  • Join parent meetings and workshops
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences twice a year
  • Keep emergency information up-to-date
Creative Curriculum Studies
  • Beginning of the Year Study (August 16-September 24)
  • Tree Study (September 27-November 29)
  • Clothes Study (November 1-December 17)
  • Building Study (January 3-February 11)
  • Pets Study (February 14-March 25)
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Study (March 28-April 29)
  • Ball Study (May 2-June 3)
  • Music Making Study (June-July)
  • Exercise Study  (July)
  • Insects Study (August)


Discovery Education-Social Emotional Learning Resources

Have Fun Learning Alphabet Videos

Sanford Harmony-Social Emotional Learning